Home Furniture

Sekonj's AR can be a big help while choosing and buying a new piece of furniture for your home. Imagining a new piece of furniture next to your existing ones, making sure that it fits, both in terms of size and style, changing its color on the fly, and putting multiple pieces next to each other are features we provide for your products.

Office Furniture

Some people pay as much attention to their offices as they do to their homes. We spend some of our best times in our offices. Using AR can help people make decisions about the kind of furniture they want to have in their offices.

Home Appliances

Refrigerators, washing machines, and other home appliances stay at homes as long as they live. Their choice is, therefore, an important one. They are often generally similar, which makes their choise not much easier. Using Sekonj's AR, you will have greater precision while comparing various options.


Rugs are an important item in home decoration. The various designs and colors can be overwhelming for customers to choose from. With Sekonj AR give your customers an easy way to see your offerings in their living room.